Pay Rent

  1. Online Payments

    This saves you time, money and is controlled by you! Choose to pay manually each month OR pay by automatic withdraw on the day of your choice. This option also allows you to view your account and request repairs online. Simply email and we will set you up.

  2. Mail using snail mail

    Mail your rent to 2601 Redleaf Lane, Austin, TX 78745.

  3. Will not accept personal checks for Bank America or any other large banking institution in Texas that will require the thumbprint of the person cashing the check at the home bank office.

  4. Credit Card

    If you would like to pay via credit card click on the “Pay Now” button to easily pay via PayPal. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account. When paying via credit card you will need to add an additional 3.5% to your rent for processing fees. If you fail to add this to your payment the charge will be added on to your Freeman Properties account automatically, your rent will be considered unpaid and late fees will accrue.