Any mail received addressed to “Comer”, please hold and we will pick up. Or forward to the following address:

10709 Valley Vista Road
Austin, TX 78737


  • Pick up sticks around yard, as trees drop a lot of branches and limbs over the course of a week
  • The toilets and tubs can drain slowly, if you have any trouble with these, please Contact us, rather than pouring Drano or other pipe cleaning solutions into the system


  • Please trim the weeds and trash trees that grow up along the backyard fence line, as these can take over the fence in just a matter of months
  • If tree limbs hang close to the electric utility line, please Contact us or the City of Austin directly for a free tree trimming


  • Contact us for both the garage door code and the alarm code
  • If the alarm should go off, or be tripped during a power outage or flip of a breaker, please enter the alarm code to disable beeping
  • A satellite cable service cannot be installed on the roof of this location, as the trees will not allow for a good service
  • The fireplace has a gas log conversion kit it it, so real wood should not be used in this fireplace. Be sure to always open the flue prior to staring a fire and close afterwards
  • Trim the creeping fig vines at the entrance to the house to ensure that they don’t climb up on tho the house, they can be trained to grown along the trellis
  • Trim the English Ivy on the back fence, so it doesn’t hang so much over fence to weigh down and pull down the fence and attract mosquitoes
  • Pick up leaves before the cover and kill the grass. It is good to stay on top of the leaves as they fall. Best to sweep or best to blow porches to gather and remove leaves, sticks, and branches.
  • Due to the many leaves from the trees, gutter type of guards have been installed in the gutters on all 4 sides of the house. However, these must still be free from leaves covering and obstructing water flow. Please check and clean these occasionally and before big storms, so the water can be diverted properly.
  • The front yard grass is St. Augustine and can be mowed at a 3-4 position. If there are not many leaves on the lawn, then leaf bagging is not necessary. If there are some leaves on the lawn, then best to bag and remove.
  • The backyard grass is Emerald Zoysia and can be mowed at a lower 2-3 position. Leaf bagging is necessary on this type of grass. Best to bag and remove.
  • Please enjoy the outdoor speakers, but keep in mind the volume should be lowered to lower position after 10:00 PM
  • The house sits at almost the crest of a small hill, however rain water can still collect on the East side of the house. A French type of drain system has been installed with 4 collection points, to ensure that water does not rise over the slab and into the house, it is necessary to ensure that these collection points are not obstructed to allow the water to divert out of the driveway
  • Keep an eye out for leaks around the top of the West corner of fireplace in the Den, if this leaks, please contact us

Valley Vista

  • Do not put any solutions into water system, as this is an aerobic septic system and will kill the micro organisms
  • Once a month, open up PVC pipe on aerobic septic system in yard and pour in bleach (not Clorox) 99.9 kind that kills bacteria, up to the red tube fill line.




And Always…

  • Please submit your rental payment before the 5th day of every month to avoid late fees.
  • Please use felt stickers for the bottom of furniture on wood floors. Contact us if you need felt stickers and they will be provided
  • Keeping up with the yard – please mow yard at least every two weeks during summer months permitting