My family has a history in Austin, here is a little bit of it, concerning these houses owned by Freeman Properties.

4408 Hank Avenue – Was built in the late forties following WWII. On the old ranch, the barbed wire fences were pulled up, the land was sectioned off into large lots and little houses were built, mostly kit houses. All without garages, driveways, or sidewalks, which was the standard of the times. The houses were sold for around $7500.

The neighborhood was located on the edge of South Austin, nothing was around, but the people coming home after the war and starting families were eager to move there and start families. Like my family. The Comer’s moved from out in the country and into the big university town of Austin. When they saved enough money they bought a house on Hank Avenue, at 4405. My father and aunt were born and raised in this house. Eventually, the purchased the neighbors house across the street at 4408, where my mother and father moved and my sister and I were born. The Comer’s then bought and moved into another house in the neighborhood on Mount Vernon Drive. Another house was bought across the street and became the home of my cousins in college, but both were later sold. The Comer’s then moved into the bustling new neighborhood of Whispering Oaks further South in Austin.

2601 Redleaf Lane – My family moved from Hank into this house on the last street in the neighborhood. The backyard was full of deer and land as far as you can see. This is the house where my sister and I grew up and made many friends. I eventually bought and moved back into Hank. After my wife and I were married, we bought and moved back into Redleaf. This is where my son and daughter were born and raised. My parents built a house on the land they owned near Dripping Springs, Texas.

4512 Clawson Road – My wife bought this house and we lived near each other in the same neighborhood. This house was in the newer part of the neighbor hood, more bedrooms, more square footage, carports, and driveways, the improving living standard of the mid-fifties. This may be a kit house too. My wife and I lived here for a little while before moving into Redleaf.

More history than you were looking for I am sure, but just wanted to be thorough.