We are a small Austin based company. Formed in 2003, with the idea of restoring and renting homes over twenty-five years old. We believe in ‘Keeping Austin Weird’ and deeply rooting in the whole South Austin ‘experience’.

South Austin Living


The houses that we lease have all been our primary residences at one time or another. The house on Hank was purchased by my grandparents, they lived in another family owned house across the street where my father and aunt grew up. I think I was conceived there when my parents were first married. I bought the house and lived there after college. My wife lived in the house on Clawson before we were married. And the house on Redleaf was the home that I grew up in.

These homes are more than houses to my family and we hope that you make many wonderful memories in them as well.

Keeping it Real


Austin is one of the top growing cities in the country. People have caught on to our easy living lifestyle. My family likes it, we have been here for three generations and we haven’t moved away yet.

We hope you have a pleasant stay with us and enjoy the accommodations.

We also provide Property Management Services to the South Austin Leasing and Rental Community. We are a full-service property management service provider. If you are a property owner or landlord with a South Austin property and would like to retain or inquire about our services, please contact us.