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Like most summers in Texas, stage 1 water use schedule for Austin Water Customers is mostly in effect each year, check the schedule to see if it is in effect.

Single family homes have 2 watering days a week (during Stage 2 Restrictions)

  • Odd addresses – Wednesdays and/or Saturdays
  • Even addresses – Thursdays and/or Sundays

Watering Schedule

Also, check your AC filter and replace it each month. I have found that it is best to buy the very cheap blue filters and replace them every month or even sooner. This will not only keep the AC clean but will keep your home cooler and more energy efficient!

AC filters sizes

Water/Refrigerator filters sizes

Contact us if you are unable to obtain and/or install the filters regularly.

Residential Garbage and Recycling Schedule

Large Brush Collection and Bulk Collection Times

Just miss the bi-annual Bulk Collection? Just contact Smiley’s Recycling & Resale and on Facebook, is they are the nicest folks over there. Typically pick up on the same day.

City of Austin Programs and Services

Neighborhood Associated Groups

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you think turning the heat down in your home while you’re away on vacation will save you a few dollars, think again. If your home’s pipes should freeze and burst, it could end up costing thousands of dollars to repair floors and replace furniture and keepsakes. The damage could be so severe that you and your family would have to relocate while repairs are made.
By taking a few simple precautions, you can save yourself a ton of aggravation.

Here are a few simple steps to protect your home or apartment:

To prevent freezing:

  • Leave a cold water tap running slowly, at a level just above a drip.
  • Leave interior cupboard doors under sinks open, especially if the sink piping is adjacent to an exterior wall.
  • Shut off and drain pipes leading to outside faucets.
  • Do not turn the furnace below 12°C (55°F) during absences or at night.
  • Seal any leaks that allow cold air inside where pipes are located.
  • Locate and insulate pipes most susceptible to freezing: near outside walls, in crawl spaces, and in attics. Many hardware stores carry foam pipe insulation for this purpose.
  • If you plan to be away, have someone check your house daily to make sure the heat is on and no problems occur. Alternatively, shut off and drain the water system (except fire sprinkler systems).

Learn more about Water Pipe Preparation Tips During Freezing Weather


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