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Travis County Property Tax Protest 2013

Everybody should protest your property tax this year, just like every other year. The Austin real estate market is one of the strongest in the country as Austin is featured in every top list of places to live in the country. Clawson Road has increased +24.25%, but Texas ProTax was able to decrease the increase […]

Texas Protax Austin

For Rent - 4512 Clawson Road Austin, TX 78745

Mortgage Loan Refinanced – Wells Fargo – Clawson

Today our 4512 Clawson Road Austin, TX 78745 property mortgage loan was paid in full, due to a 3 step no cost refinance mortgage Loan Refinanced from Wells Fargo. We went from a 30 year at 5.00% to 15 year 3.25%. We were in the 9th year of the loan. So effectively, we reduced the […]